Greetings to all orchid lovers,


First and foremost, thank you for patronizing It is our privilege and pleasure to bring you close to the enchantment of the wild orchids of Peninsular Malaysia (Malaya) through original captured close-up photo shots.


It has been a rather exciting journey with concerted team effort put in by us, a group of native orchid lovers, to set up this website for the viewing pleasure and appreciation of orchid lovers out there who constantly thirst for fresh, new and updated pictures of wild orchids that are found in Malaya.


We certainly welcome and value feedbacks and enquiries that may arise as you journey through this website.


Major updates will be performed on a quarterly basis. So, stay tuned as more exciting wild orchid shots await you. We may also be considering articles, more highlights and tips too for the site.


 The Orchid Enthusiast Team

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